About Us… (me)

Tim Trott was introduced to television broadcasting in high school in a Junior Achievement “company” that produced a weekly hour-long show on WESH-TV in Orlando for two years.  One of the first skills he learned was editing film. From there, he joined the staff of WLCY-TV10 (now WTSP) in St. Petersburg, then moved to editing film and operating a camera for newscasts at WSUN-TV 38. He studied broadcast production at St. Petersburg College and then took another film editing job at WFLA-TV8 in Tampa. After some years in radio (WTLN, WTCX, WTRR, WHOO, Florida Network) and other adventures, Tim rediscovered his love of video production and editing with the advent of digital photography, and established Tim Trott Productions, to produce a documentary, 1 episode cooking show, various trade show videos, legal depositions, real estate video tours, You Tube ads, and training videos before expanding the company’s services to include webcasting and streaming media production.