How educators make money live streaming

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(Source: Epiphan blogEpiphan blog)

Author: Phillip Sandler

Educators often use live streams to promote their paid content (such as online classes). During their live streams, they interact with the audience, answer questions, and offer an insight into their much more informative paid lessons, enticing viewers to purchase.

Let’s take look at an example of a photographer, who sells lessons online and does live streams to promote them. Alex Koloskov specializes in photographing commodities like jewelry, cosmetics, and art. He creates a perfect balance in the information he shares during his free live streams and the information he saves for his students that pay for his online classes. Through his live streams, Alex is able to offer enough insight into his expertise where viewers become interested in purchasing the full lessons.

Live streamers are easily able to implement paywalls through companies like SabraMedia. This is effectively a service that makes viewers pay a small fee to access the live streamed content. If you would like to learn more about services that offer paywalls as a part of their service, check out our blog post on things to consider when choosing a live streaming platform.