Live-Streaming Funerals? Why Not?

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When Sergio Rotta’s mother died, the grief was not only felt in his family home in Brisbane — it was also felt half a world away in Annamaria’s hometown of Milan.

Her funeral was small, with only seven or eight attendees, but half a dozen more of her family and friends were able to share the experience in real time on the other side of the globe.

“She was always up for adventure, that’s pretty much the reason we came to Australia,” Mr Rotta said, adding that the move had ‘left a lot of people behind.’

“My wife Emily decided to find a place that streamed live so that we could have our relatives involved as well,” Mr Rotta said.

“We wanted to have everybody be part of it, especially her brother in Italy — he can’t fly, he’s got a phobia of flying … so we made sure he was part of it.”

Annamaria’s relatives gathered in Milan to watch the livestream together.

“And it was making sure there was closure for them as well … It was very good for them.”

(Source: ABC News Australia)

Technology has vastly changed almost every industry over the years, and the funeral profession is no different. Digital technology’s made a lot of unexpected things become a possibility, including attending a funeral from the other side of the world. Live-streamed funerals are not about watching, but allowing friends and family to bear witness.

If you are arranging for a private family service for your loved one, that’s exactly what it will be. Live-streaming simply gives the opportunity for friends and family who can’t make it to be there, whether they live on the opposite side of the world, are in hospital or are constrained by time or other commitments.

“These services are by invitation only, meaning that anyone who wants to watch the funeral will need a login to gain access,” Scott explains.

“Although it’s possible for a funeral to be live-streamed to a wider audience on a public channel, this is always at the discretion of the family.”

Attending the funeral of a loved one can be hard – and many of us would welcome the warmth and understanding of a close friend. The same goes for live-stream funerals, and many of us would appreciate the comforting presence of someone special. In other cases, it might be family and friends who are with you.


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