Problem with “bad motion blur” on a live webcast….

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Lynda writes: “My daughter likes to stream using her phone and/or her laptop.  The phone camera isn’t half bad, but the laptop is so slow that when she uses the camera on it, she gets bad motion blur. ”

That’s not “motion blur”, that’s low resolution, likely due to a slow internet speed. The phone is probably on a different ISP from what the laptop is connected to.

Your location may not have adequate internet speed to do live webcasting. If you’re internet provider is cable or DSL, you might look into trying a “hot spot”, but be careful not to exceed the data plan limits. There are “unlimited” data providers but some may not be what they seem to be. Some may not work in your location. For example,  the one I use only works when there is a Sprint tower nearby.  Expect that situation to improve in time, but it may be some time coming.  Don’t hold your breath for 5G… and it will come with a price tag.

The camera on a laptop is probably not the best choice for a webcast. Built-in webcams are often low quality and you could end up looking down on your audience. Better to upgrade to at least a USB camera like the popular Logitech 920, mounted on an inexpensive tripod, as you see here.

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