video tour

Your listing needs a VIDEO TOUR!

A slide show is NOT a “Virtual Tour”

  • Listings with video get 400% more inquiries than those without video
  • Videos drive 300% more traffic for lead generation than other types of content
  • More than 70% of homeowners are more likely to list with an agent who uses video
  • Fewer than 10% of Realtors use video, giving the advantage to those who DO!

Video Tour services now available in Central Florida:
Orlando/Daytona/Deland/Leesburg/Kissimmee/New Smyrna/Daytona/Oak Hill/Holly Hill/Edgewater/Titusville/Mims/Merritt Island/Eustis/Mt.Dora/Leesburg/Altoona

STARTING AT $99  On-site full-motion floating-camera walk-through style video of a home, condo, commercial listing or land, with full editing/production of your Tour Video. Videos usually run about 3 to 8 mins for basic video tours, INCLUDING custom royalty-free music with SEARCH OPTIMIZED title and keyword tags.

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REALTORS®: We provide both BRANDED (with your logo and contact) and UNBRANDED (MLS-Safe) versions on our Realty Video Tour YouTube™ Channel or Vimeo Channel, ready to link or embed on your web site and the MLS listing. (BE SURE TO NOTIFY US WHEN LISTINGS EXPIRE TO AVOID MLS FINES)

  • We can also provide still photos for MLS or extract still frames from your video.
    (See OPTIONAL charges listed below)
  • Download link provided. Also available on DVD
  • Remember, if the buyer can visualize being IN the property, they are more likely to want to BUY or RENT the property.

PRICING: Prices shown for Dothan and Panama City. Travel charges may apply to other locations.
Prices subject to change without notice.

Real Estate Video Tours for your sales, rental or condo property.
NOW AVAILABLE! Professional Quality HD, 4K and 360/VR!

OPTIONS (With purchase of video tour)

  • *** Professional Voice-over Narration available
    (Call for quote –
    Also available in other languages)
  • Separate DSLR Still Shots for MLS: Add $60
  • Green-screen for Realtor insertion: add $85
  • Teleprompter and operator (for above): add $75
  • 360 Video: add $75+


Preparing for your Video Tour

  • Turn on all the lights. Check for missing light bulbs and replace any that are not working or missing.
  • Remove or hide personal items from bathrooms – wash cloths, razors, mouthwash, tooth brushes, etc.
  • Make the beds – bed covers or blankets are a must, year-round.
  • Remove clutter from kitchen – clear the counter tops. Remove magazines from the living room and remove the magnets and artwork from the refrigerator.
  • Mow the lawn, stash the hoses, sweep the stones and mulch back into the garden.
  • Remove pets – If a cat walks across the camera view someone with an allergy will not be making an offer. Yes, it has happened.
  • Clean up the garage – hang up tools or store them away. Cover or mask oil spills.
  • Don’t park the car in the drive way if you can avoid it. Move it down the block or out of the picture.
  • Add welcoming touches like table settings, center pieces and throw pillows.

For rentals with TV, leave the TV on with the sound muted.

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