video production

On-site video production, including webcast and recording, with up to 3 HD cameras, with sound, video clips, graphics, titles, PowerPoint, etc. Our video production is perfect for Music or Entertainment Programs, Presentations, Conferences, Keynote, General Session, Annual & Quarterly Meetings, Conferences, Trade Shows, Product Launches, Advisory Board Meetings, Employee Training, Homeowners or Corporate Meetings. Services available in Central and East Central Florida, from Orlando to Daytona.  Display on your Facebook Live, Twitter Video, YouTube Live, web site, view on-demand, pay-per-view, etc.

Olle’s Restaurant, Alford, Florida

Optional Resources:

  • Cameras: Sony X70 HD, Sony X70 4K, Panasonic Z-1000 HD/3D, Sony HD10-3D
  • Teleprompter with operator (1)
  • Camera Boom (8 ft) with operator (1)
  • Virtual Sets
  • Green/Blue Screen (1)
  • Neutral Backdrop (1)
  • Remote Guest (Call In)
  • HDMI Video Distribution Amplifier (2 and 4 outputs)
  • “TED” style microphones (2)
  • Communication Radios


  • Directional (“shotgun”) Microphone (1)
  • Wireless Diversity Microphones (2)
  • Dynamic Microphones
  • Boundary (Surface) Microphone (3)
  • Standard microphones (7) stands (5)
  • Lavalier Microphones (3+ available)
  • Lighting (LED Fill, Spots, etc.)
  • PowerPoint/Slide Show
  • 4 Channel Sound Mixers (Shure FP-410 -3)
  • Lighting (LED and Tungsten)
  • Noise Filtering for harsh environments
Multiple cameras

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