Expanding Education and Training to the Digital Classroom

From corporate training to online courses to YouTube, video is a powerful educational tool, with many advantages for instructors. With the huge success of YouTube, educators are excited about the potential of video for expanding training and education, particularly in the context of distance classrooms and e-learning.

Live video production expands the capabilities for the instructor, while it simplifies the production process and reduces production time and the related costs. The old way involved recording several video sources, including cameras, graphics and PowerPoint, then transferring and synchronizing those large files, then editing and adding effects for added impact and effectiveness. Now, with Live Video production, the finished product is available INSTANTLY for upload online or download to a flash drive.

Live video production

Life video production allows for the complete assembly of the finished product as it happens, just like a live television show, except it can be accomplished with a single producer, cutting the overall costs to an acceptable fraction.

Live Streaming provides for Distance Learning and real-time interaction with students via chat.

As internet speed continues to increase, the market for educators and instructors continues to expand beyond YouTube, with more and more resources like Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda, Alison, Academic Earth, Future Learn, EDx, Udacity, General Assembly, Plural Site, LearnSmart, Team Treehouse and beyond.  With Learning Management Software, an instructor can build a library of courses on their own web site and directly market to students. (Ask about LMS options at Cyberchute Hosting)

Some of the many advantages to educational videos is the ability to include production elements not available in a standard classroom structure, like multiple camera angles, titles and subtitles, a direct view of PowerPoint presentations, transitions and effects and the added ability to stream live online with questions from remote participants, greatly expanding the reach and benefit beyond the local classroom. That means students can benefit and participate from almost anywhere.

For the student, recorded video training means they can proceed at their own pace, rewind and replay difficult sections, and to fit training into their schedule as time permits, providing more effective instruction and learning. For the instructor it means an expanded reach with the bonus of and added income potential. No need to buy cameras, hire people, buy editing software and acquire editing skills and all the rest, because…

Tim Trott Productions can produce YOUR educational videos.  The completed production can be transferred to a flash drive within minutes, ready for uploading to YouTube, Facebook or your Learning Management Software (LMS).

Don’t have a web site? We can help there as well!  (FREE WordPress LMS software!)
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