The “Death” of Traditional Broadcasting.

“The data is crystal clear: traditional TV is declining and live streaming media is booming. In 2016, young people from ages 12-34 watched a third less television than they did in 2012. And this trend is on the rise. It’s this straightforward math that has many businesses, non-profits, and other groups invested in choosing and implementing a video streaming solution.”  (

(Source: Dacast)

(by Tim Trott, pres., Tim Trott Productions/Tim Trott Audio, Inc.)

Many years ago I dreamed of owning a radio station.  I have never been so happy that a dream did NOT come true!  Some of us remember when there were only two or three television networks and a similar number of local radio stations. (I worked at several of those stations). We wondered why anyone would need or even want 100 TV stations on cable.  That was a time when we waited for a specific time and day to listen or watch a broadcast. Nobody had ever heard of programming-on-demand or “PODcasting”. The world has changed. Fourteen years ago, on February 14th, 2005, YouTube was born. The year before that saw the birth of Facebook.  Many of us didn’t notice when YouTube began experimenting with YouTube Live in November of 2008.  Facebook was late to that party, initiating Facebook Live seven years later, in August of 2015.

We Are The Media

The world has changed. As conglomerate media corporations push out popular programs to suit their corporate agenda, the public responds by turning its back on “traditional” broadcasting.  Now, anybody can be a “news anchor”, a commentator, an instructor, a “star”.  Anybody can generate programming. Anyone can reach out to the public and the public can reach back. We ARE “the media”. This is why a Traditional Broadcasting is no more effective.

We Are the Media

You can learn a new language or a new skill on YouTube. Political candidates priced out of broadcast advertising find a wide audience on Faceboook Live.  Webcasts of church services online are commonplace.

Beyond that, companies large and small, organizations of all kinds, are finding that having a web site is no longer enough. To reach or attract an audience and generate business requires VIDEO on that web site.  And with an ever expanding media universe, a simple “webcam” is not enough to compete.  The public is coming to expect from webcasters and live streaming what they see on “regular” broadcasting, and that includes titles, animation, multiple cameras and professional graphics. It’s got to be good to compete.

Lights, Camera, REVENUE!

And it’s possible to MAKE money with webcasting, adding a payment gateway for private viewing. Webcasts of trade shows have been shown to BOOST attendance at future events.  Online video training is a new booming industry. Live webcasts can be recorded for later viewing for added revenue.

It’s YOUR Turn

Tim Trott Productions can help local businesses and corporations, manufacturers and marketers, public safety agencies and political organizations, trainers and instructors, to meet the challenge, with on-site production and streaming webcasts that have the look, feel and sound of regular television broadcasting. That’s because broadcasting and media production are where our roots are, “back in the day”.Tell us what you need, and we’ll be there to make it happen.

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