Who is using Webcasting and Streaming Media?

From the Super Bowl to gamers, from church services to government meetings, from trade shows to software support, from political shows to new casts, to regular online “shows” and corporate meetings, Live Webcasting is changing the media world. Live “shows” are popping up everywhere online. More and more national networks… Continue reading

The “Death” of Traditional Broadcasting.

“The data is crystal clear: traditional TV is declining and live streaming media is booming. In 2016, young people from ages 12-34 watched a third less television than they did in 2012. And this trend is on the rise. It’s this straightforward math that has many businesses, non-profits, and other groups invested in… Continue reading

Live Streaming for Public Safety

public service video production

(This is an edited blog post from Motorola Solutions Fresh Communities by Andreea Cojocariu, digital marketing manager at DigitalStakeout.) Why is live streaming video important for law enforcement?The world of instant news and sharing is certainly not new for us, as we’re used to sharing text, pictures and videos online… Continue reading