Live Streaming and Event Attendance

Did you know?

Live streaming an event can lead to an increase in physical attendance. According to a case study on virtual attendees by Meetings Today, organizations that do live streaming their event experience approximately 23% conversion rate of remote attendance who become physical attendees the next few times the event is offered.

A common misconception is that video broadcast during an event stops being useful as soon as the event ends. That is far from reality.  Not only is a webcast a fantastic way to engage people who couldn’t make it to the event, but it’s a marketing treasure-trove. The video from one conference should be recorded so it can be used throughout the year.

Live video recordings can provide speakers with valuable feedback on their presentations.

The event video can be archived, short clips can be utilized on social media, still shots and clips can be used in promoting future events or to convince potential advertisers to sponsor future events.

Live video recordings can provide a new revenue opportunity through sponsored replays or used to attract advertisers and sponsorships for future events.

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