Celebration of Life for Georgia Dahl


We had a Celebration of Life for my sister and found Tim to do a live stream production that is more professional than trying to do it with a phone or the churchs live stream that is by computer camera. I was wanting 3 camaers and professional equipment. I didnt know Tim so I was very concerned about how the job would go. I have managed many conferences and video productions so I know a little bit. After speaking with Tim I knew he knew what he was talking about. Now the question was can I depend on him? Again, I don’t know Tim and this is a funeral service for my sister and the job is extremely important to my family. Most of her friends and family were needing to stay at home due to CoVid but wanted to participate. So virtually, live stream. And live events are stressful and prone to technical issues. Tim was early to the church and had it set up plenty of time. Tim made sure everything was going to work and respected not setting up with people coming into the service. Our live cast went seamlessly and without any problems. I am very pleased with Tims professionalism and will be happy to recommend his live stream production services to anyone.

John Puckett
Celebration of LIfe in Perry, Florida
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