Town Hall Webcasts – Live Videos On Social Media Are A Game-Changer

Live video is a great way to keep constituents engaged in real time.

Streaming live events has become one of the biggest trends in organizational communication giving it the ability to educate its target audience, broadcast an event, or hold a question and answer session.  Constituents can participate from anywhere so that venue capacity or travel are no longer obstacles.

Live Videos On Social Media Are A Game-Changer

When you need to make an impression, make the strongest impression. HD Multi-camera on-site production capabilities from Tim Trott Media Productions raises the production level to broadcast quality.  Even when broadband internet is not available on-site the event can begin uploading from another location soon after the event, since post production editing is not necessary.

Contact us NOW to plan for your upcoming public meetings and town hall events. Prices start at $199 (travel and expenses apply outside our local coverage area)

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